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  1. Hey Admin,

    By any chance, have you played at old L2gold server that was live like 15 yrs ago? 

    All the gold items are from that server, just wanted to see if you played there.

  2. Hey all, Like all other private server that just started, they need players help grow the server. I did ran private server before so I know, actively voting for the server is #1 way to grow the server fastest. We will have more fun playing with more players online too. Please help the server by voting on the websites!
  3. Hello all, I just joined this server and it looks pretty decent server, so I decided to stay and play. I have made clan WhySoSerious for all the new starters. As long as you can speak English, you are more than welcome to the clan. PM Joker in game for clan invite. Clan lv : 7 w/ clan skills
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