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L2 Marron GvE Private Project.

Faction teams: 2

Flags: Yes

Guard: yes

Vote map: yes

Protection farm: yes

Anti-heavy = no

Anti-skill = yes

fixed mouvement stuck wall

fixed can't attack same faction & same faction pet

fixed stuck change map & update same map

fixed enchant system with kill's

added custom reward top point team

Fixed pray npc can pray map or castle & added check pray npc

fixed newbie spawn to register faction

added VIP coin & settigs time or 4 ever

fixed blow double damage

added fence.xml for can spawn fence and stay after restart or shutdown

added bypass command vipBuy/buffVip for only vip member

added check if same faction is in olympiad or siege can attack

added check if not same faction can buyStone/sellStone/trade & same faction can duel

remove seven sings spawn [more fast server]

Fixed  bug balance login system

Fixed can faction players attack door if castle is not in siege progress

Fixed faction players can see HP doors

Fixed bypass miniEvent can watch match

Added Round config to miniEvent

Fixed Faction Teleport base nullpointer error

Update & clean MiniEvent 

Added config.xml with all time for miniEvent

Fixed bug can't register or vote tvt/ctf/dm if player is in miniEvent

Added bar time & point fight for miniEvent

Added command .tele [if player is login to server and map has change for teleport back to town]

added check if player is in pvp zone, raidboss zone, olympaid, siege, combat, attack, casting after finish maps dont teleport back to town

clean buffer & fixed bug adrenaline

remove mini event - added tvt/ctf/dm

fixed double reward top players and winner team faction

fixed balance in login to dont count offline players

fixed stuck players in login

remove adena from warehouse deposit [faction mode]

added pc bang multisell id= 65436

added check if player is in olympiad, event, siege dont show vote next faction map [for spamming]

fixed pray npc announce problem

Change system check from faction players

Fixed can same faction duel, attack in some zones

Fixed GM can attack faction players

Fixed spam message reuse skill like attack npc

Added multi map in TVT/CTF

Clean up Buffer and remove 20+ line code.

remove cant take adena if player sell item.

Fixed auto teleport after finish map.

Fixed pray npc & change can multi add Pray npc

rework faction engine (added more option on spawn flag's now can spawn mobs/guards/rb/pray crystal/and all npc town like gk/gm shop/buffer ...)

Geodata | pathnodes & fixed movement

added pvp enchant system (you select a weapon for enchant with your pvp kills)

rework and make new buffer more better

added new system Faction Guard walking to enemy base

added something missing message from old GvE

fixed owner map bug

fixed alt+g bug GM can't see wh with clan

fixed party bug after leader leave from party he make new leader

fixed castle door's HP now all can see HP from doors

fixed size from fence

added a special code effect for any npc

rework & fixed all bugs from phoenix engine

rework new style html's price and more..

remove & added new enchant system xml list

fixed bug after restart all offline shop spawn again

rework datapack all skills & rework balance without any java code for balance



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